Hollywood’s Swiss Miss

For over 10 years the former Miss Switzerland Nadine Vinzens has been trying to break into Hollywood, with modest success. However, with a starring role in the thriller SOMETHING’S IN THE WATER her path to stardom might soon be paved with success. The actress/model opens up about her world in Switzerland’s Migros Magazin, November 2016

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Dual citizens – double the anguish

It’s the final stretch in the race for the American presidency. How do Swiss/US dual citizens view the mud fight for the White House?  I’ve talked to five Swiss expatriates who live scattered around the US and asked who they are voting for and why. And, I’ve discovered that several of them think about moving back to Switzerland if their candidate loses.

Published October 24, 2016, Migros-Magazin, Switzerlandus-wahlen-page-0us-wahlen-page-1us-wahlen-page-2us-wahlen-page-3us-wahlen-page-4us-wahlen-page-5

Hollywood’s latest Lifestyle-Guru

Ever since her heart was broken by a certain Hollywood actor has Teresa Palmer been on a roll professionally. Starting with the zombie-comedy WARM BODIES in 2013 she’s been constantly shooting and can recently be seen in the remake of POINT BREAK, the caper-movie TRIPLE 9 and the Nicholas Sparks adaptation THE CHOICE. Today, she’s married to director Marc Webber and has a two year old son Bodhi. We’ve talked exclusively about her busy life, her desire to have another baby and her website YourZenLife.com which quickly challenges Gwyneth Paltrow’s GOOP as Hollywoods lifestyle-bible.

20 Minuten Friday: Weekly magazine, Switzerland