2015 and older

Jennifer Lawrence Cover Story on the end of the HUNGER GAMES franchise, her self-imposed sabbatical from which she emerged with different views on Hollywood, her life and her career.

20 Minuten FRIDAY, 11/15, Switzerland

Jennifer Lawrence cover cropJennifer Lawrence FRIDAY 1Jennifer Lawrence Friday 2

Interview with Angelina Jolie for UNBROKEN, 12/14, FRAME, Switzerlandangelina Jolie pic

A Jolie 2Angelina Jolie 3

Interview with Diane Keaton, 9/14, AND SO IT GOES, FRAME, Switzerland

Diane Keaton 1

Diane Keaton 2

Meryl Streep 1
Interview with Meryl Streep, 2/14, AUGUST OSAGE COUNTY, NZZ am Sonntag, Switzerland


Interview with Clint Eastwood, published 11/13, NZZ am Sonntag, Switzerlandclint jpg 1clint jpg 2


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